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do you like this bag?

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well, frankly, dave, i'd like to ask you the same question.
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looks like something from claires
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Not really, but this one from that site looks cool:
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It is definitely a conversation piece. I think with the right outfit, it would look kinda cool. I would be afraid of it falling apart though . . .
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It looks like the necklaces my friend made with Starburst wrappers as a teen
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unusual and a bit diffrent, bit nah wouldnt want to be seen with it out on the street.
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Not the the most stylish bag ever, but it catches the eye
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nice, ive seen the similar one on eshopintuition.com, i like this style..
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I didn't realize it was a style more like a statement. The "I recycle and care about the environment" statement.
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this is really an eyecatching handbag....love it...

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