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Shoe Opinion

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I was looking for a high top brown shoe that I could rock with my blue denim: thanaz 71b, and dior homme 19cm bleu marine raws. I have some nice paul smith loafers, but want something mid-high without going to a full boot, i had my eyes on the following Schmoove, what do you think?

UrbanOutfitters.com > Schmoove Mid Lace Boot

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those shoes are ugly and they are garbage. also, there is a sticky thread for shoe questions.
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lol, well what do you recommend that wouldn't be a full boot?
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Holy crap that's ugly!
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Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with everyone else. For half the price, get some generic man sportsman mids in black from revolve right now (they're having a huge sale), although they probably have something that's more like the shoe you pictured (shape wise).
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im not usually against most of the shoes posted here but jesus those are bad
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i guess my taste in high tops/ boots hasn't evolved yet and I'm not ready to take the plunge lol, what do you think of the low top version
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