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Hi, please tell me if this Diesel Rame is fake or not !!!

Ebay item number : 5333005250

Address :

Please helpe me !!! See if this seller products are authentic !!!
His user is : dieselofmiami

Thanks and waiting !!! BYEEE
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Sigh... who is this fool? He types like he's 13 years old. Please, do your homework before posting. Dieselofmiami is known as a trusted seller, and there are beyond numerous threads about him. If you need help, you should at least pick up some of the slack work yourself. Don't expect someone to do all the leg work for you.

"Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks" sigh
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I dindt ask your help ... U r an idiot ... u think u know everything ... I am new to this website ... idiot ... I DONT WANT YOUR HELP ... Idiot
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Feedback Score: 2789
Positive Feedback: 100%

Members who left a positive: 2790
Members who left a negative: 0

All positive feedback received: 3826

About 30% of his buyer come and buy again. If you don`t buy here, than you better visit a store.
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Feedback ?!!

I dont "belive" in feedbacks ... because of Chinese fake industry ... Man search for NIKE SHOX ... there are MANY Chinese guys with more than 2500 points ! and a 95-98% of positive and they ALL sell fake. Do u know what i mean ?!! ehehhehe i bough there (dieselofmiami) because of the pictures and the feedback. Everybody buys with them and most of the buyers left POSITIVE feedback because they dont know how too see if the shoes are AUTHENTIC ... So, that is why i am here asking opinions about DIESEL jeans and some diesel sellers ...

Thanks for your help !
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Hi. I am THIRTEEN years OLD and buying on EBAY with my PARENT'S credit card. I use IMPROPER ENGLISH and like to CAPITALIZE random words in my POST. I am too LAZY to do any leg work myself and EXPECT everyone to ANSWER all my questions; I won't take ANY of MY time to go and DO the RESEARCH. sigh... ucantrust77 is a joke.
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bengchang ... Chinese ?!

Are u Chinese ?!

I just posted a topic to ask some free help ... You are an idiot ... rude ... please forget me ... Or are u in love ?! ohhhh that's it !!! but sorry ... i dont like men ... Go find another boyfriend ... and go home ... your mother is waiting to give you your night's soup ... ok ?!
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no more of that please
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