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R&R taylor horizon

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hi all,

I'm really looking into some taylor horizons. If I could get some thoughts before i purchase I'd appreciate it i.e (look, style etc..). ebay user dieselofmiami is selling them and hes got the 31 and 32. I wear a 31x30 in diesel zaf 72j. I'm wondering since these horizons are 70% cotton and 30% polyester will they strecth a whole lot? I bought 7's A pocket boot 32's with 2% spandex and after a couple hours they stretch to much in the thigh's which is why i'm concerned. Side note: I'm a fan of a slimmer fit in the thigh. My Zafs fit great in the thigh could be a bit tighter but I'm very happy with them. I'm thinking I should have bought my 7's in a 31 instead, so my question is you guys think i should go with 31's or 32's in the taylors? also i'm just shy of 5'11, 170 lbs. and will have to hem them down. Will they look stupid if i hem them to much? any thoughts? here is a link to the ebay auction:

I would post ebay link but the rules say i shouldnt haha so here is the nordstrom link:
Rock & Republic 'Taylor' Flap Pocket Bootcut Jeans - Men's Apparel - Nordstrom
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Hey all, I was at saks today and found the only pair of henlee's that they had with same material as horizons 70/30 cotton/polyester mix and they had them in a 31 and here are some pics I took. I think they are a winner. I feel that the 32's will be to baggy..., any thoughts?

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Great fit!!! Did you buy them? I think you should be okay with the Taylors (Henlee with flap pockets), but you have to remember that sizes differ by the wash.

I posted your pics for you:

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Good fit.

I still don't like the new R's.

Old school ftw!
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Good fit and looks great!
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thanks guys, I should have bought that pair i tried on. saks had all clearance items at 50% off on tuesday, but i'm gonna go back in the morning(black friday) and see if they still got them. I still think i'm gonna jump on the tyalor horizons on ebay b/c i like that wash a whole lot and they're a 70/30 so i'm gonna get the 31's instead of 32's. Thanks for the input!
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Hey there. I bought the 31's and they were to tight in the crotch and waist in the taylor horizon and I exchanged them for 32. Got them and they fit better except the waist is still a little tight and now I'm thinking a 33. This wash is very difficult and I hate to ask the guy to exchage again. Also this pair i bought has 2 size tags on the inside and doesnt have the cut tag? could it be an error when they were made? anyway here are some pics of the 32 horizon taylor i got today.

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Looks good, except for the thigh--looks a little tight. But I think those stretch.
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they are a 70/30 blend. cotton/poly. I read that sometimes this blend likes to rip on you. Curious about it and if I should size up based off of that. I'm cool with the thigh fit, the waist is just a little tight is all.
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come on folks, opinions needed. I dont care if you hurt my feelings. You ladies think I can pull it off???(the Horizons) I tried on 33's in same wash and they perfect in the hips and waist but were a little sloppy in the thigh. 32's are perfect for me in thigh but to tight in hips and waist.....go figure cant live in perfect world. Damp stretching??? for the waist??? maybe....

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Not a lady but I think they look fine. It all depends on how you like to wear your jeans. If you don't have a problem with the tight fit then keep them.

Also, there haven't been many (or any) ripping issues with the newer men's washes. You rarely hear about new cases of ripping and when you do they are often older pairs. The only real exception is Oxycotin and they've been around awhile. I could be missing something, but I read around several forums and there aren't any guys who have reported ripping problems with new washes. Unfortunately, it's a stigma that will be around for awhile.
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^I agree with braindead...if you feel okay in them, then keep them. I think if you size up another size, you'll find something else that doesn't fit you right. You previously stated that you like the thigh to be a slimmer fit, so I think you should be good with these. I also haven't heard of any mens washes ripping as braindead already mentioned.
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i just bought the same pair, they are fuckin sick jeans
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