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Since like it's too good to be true....I have my eyes on a pair of paciotti shoes and only they have my size.

Any input is welcome, TIA.
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I did a spot of research, and they apparently sell counterfeits through both their site and an eBay account. in addition, they have a very patchy return policy according to dissatisfied customers. Way too many instances of people receiving obviously fake sunglasses and handbags have been reported so I'd avoid them.
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thanks a lot, I guess I will have to pass...
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Dellamda is a good company, i have purchase over 20 pairs of shoes ( mostly Paciotti ) and have have never had any authenticity issues. I don't think it is fair that some people make such judgments with out ever having purchase anything from them.
I just checked on ebay  ( i was not aware of the had some auctions on ebay ) and they have a 99% positive reviews for over 10 years of selling there and on some ten thousand transaction, I guess even that is not enough for some people.
I suggest you purchase a pair and see for yourself. I trust and will purchase from they again.

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^^ you also happened to join couple days ago have 1 post and you think he will believe you ? Lol
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exactly ,


 and i want to know

   new commer how 2 find this oooooooooooooooold thread?

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^ lol didnt notice OP was years old

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