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7 flynt dusseldorf question.

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Hey all.

I'm seriously considering buying this pair of jeans off ebay. I'm curious as to what you folks think about this style and what not. I've tried on the flynts at a saks store and they fit pretty good in a 32. Also if you guys think the seller would be legit or not. Anyway just curious. Thanks for the input in advanced.

7 Seven Flynt Dusseldorf Mens Jeans Size 32 only 69.99 - eBay (item 220314897320 end time Nov-25-08 20:13:13 PST)
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I would ask for pics of the actual item because the seller is only using stock pics. Post them in this thread when you get them and then we'll let you now if they're real
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I love those! I hate it when sellers only have stock pics
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4-reaL! haha

yeah i tried to ask the guy a question and he hasnt answered but he has real good feedback on ebay. I'm gonna try and ask for real pics or maybe ask someone that have bought from him for pics. I like the brown pockets on them and such.

if interested here is another dilema i have over in the R&R thread....

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