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Horrible Fakes on ebay

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True Religion Jeans, Joey sz.26, NWT-100% Authentic - eBay (item 120329747214 end time Dec-06-08 03:51:59 PST)

I can't believe this seller is saying these are 100% authentic. Even I can tell they're fakes! Help me report him!
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I am always reporting fake diesels.. I feel bad for ppl who are bidding on them..
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i have tried to report some sellers, but Ebay does nothing if you report a counterfeit and if a seller is a PowerSeller ... but if you report a fraudulent listing (as claiming an item is authentic when it is fake is a fraud), then the listing gets cancelled... at least i have noticed this tendency in Ebay's behaviour
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I've noticed that ebay doesnt always take down reported listings..even when they are obvious fakes. what is up with that?
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Sometimes, ebay doesn't look at those anymore. It's our responsibility to do that I guess. What they may just do now is check with PayPal.
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I reported him. ebay should look over these sellers and bann them.
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how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one...
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Originally Posted by Mhsieh View Post
how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one...
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ebay staffs are not the denim head, i think.
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Jeans are one thing I never buy on ebay anyways. Too hard to know if they will fit your body correctly and usually non returnable. Not worth a lower price in the end. Ebay really does not do much to get rid of bad sellers. I has my money ripped off twice and never received my merchandise and never heard from the seller again. Ebay did nothing and the selller remained.

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There's an awful lot of stuff you should never get through ebay.  I have a friend who once showed me a lot under the category "weird stuff" that was purporting to be selling a mermaid corpse.  The writeup was even done as though this was a real mermaid corpse, although the thing looked like the top half a latex Independence Day alien stuck to the back half of a plastic barracuda.  And the company is more interested in getting their share from the auction than in making sure that you aren't cheated.  I don't buy anything through them anymore if I can help it.

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be precautious while looking for diesel jeans, its for sure your purchase would never get up wasted at any cost

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Do not you think that you always comment on older posts??

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guys, just be careful when purchasing online ebay and amazon have lots of fake item. if you want an authentic item have a research first before spending off your money to not a real one. :)

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I don't really trust buying original items on ebay since what I can only see are pictures. Don't believe with high reviews because they can be altered in many ways. If you're looking for original items and want to make sure of it, then find a local branch of your favorite brand then buy from there.

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I I just bought some brand new diesels for ladies off if ebay (seller:cjame94) and just got them yesterday. 100% legit! The tags are still on them from diesel and the price tag says $270.00, I got mine for 16.00. I thought they may turn out to be fake, but I took them to our local diesel retailer and they confirmed they are authentic. Now she has them listed for $50 and $60 instead of the .99 starting bid like I got mine on, but that's still worth it to me. Unfortunately she mostly has women's denim on there but she has diesel, seven, ag, and some others. She said she's supposed to be posting more everyday. If you get ripped off through ebay, a lot of times paypal can still do a claim for u. It's true u do have to be careful which is why I was so excited when I got mine and the are actually authentic. I asked her about it through ebay messaging wondering why she has so many and how she has different sizes because I was worried. But she said she had a denim store that closed and she just wants to get rid of everything. That to me sometimes is a tell take sign, if someone has a run of sizes in the same style, not like they just bought some jeans that they never wore and decided to sell them. I usually don't buy when I see it's like that on ebay but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. I was actually so shocked that they were as described and the pics were of the actual jeans I got that I started looking up a bunch of denim blogs looking specifically for diesel and found this, so I decided id share. Anyone know where I can get good deals on men's safafo (sp?) diesel jeans right now? I'd love any help I can find. I want to buy my bf some but the ones I want are &220. I'm looking for dark or light jeans. The safado's just look so good on guys! Back to the diesel jeans on ebay, I told her I would make it a point to tell everyone about her because she was so patient with all of my questions re: authenticity , shipped them out to me on the same day and mostly because I just such a good deal on them. So you can find her at seller:cjame tell her rafia sent u! Maybe I'll get another hook up on some more diesels soon lol!
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Nice deal! The seller was an idiot for starting the listing at 99 cents though. That worked 10 years ago but serious sellers haven't done that in at least 7 or 8 years.

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Someone told me that in order to save dogs, rather than go to the pound they go to a puppy mill and buy up all the puppies. I thought that the idea was ridiculous when the shelters kill dogs every day but I do see how that strategy could work with ebay counterfeit denims. 

Keep in mind that sometimes the sellers themselves don't know they have a fake. 

Ebay may not remove every listing that is reported even if a bunch of people report it

But, if a person buys a pair of fake jeans advertised as genuine they get their money back 100% shipping round trip included.

After the transaction, you get to post a review on the seller, even power sellers will suffer with negative reviews. 

As an extra security measure (but you don't really need it), do not use your PayPal balance to pay but put in your credit card. This is a double security as you get the ebay guarantee (that should work 99.9% of the time with fakes) and if that fails for any reason, you call your credit card company and dispute the charge saying they shipped you a fake. Paypal will treat the dispute in their regular way and resolve it according to their rules but if for some reason they side against you, they will give your money back as soon as they get the chargeback from the credit card company. Either way, the seller doesn't have a leg to stand on.

This is more work and hassle but it is risk free and will help eradicate sellers offering counterfeit jeans. 

If you buy the jeans and return them, you hurt them where it counts because they have to pay for freight both ways and ebay keeps the commission. As the seller's reviews go south, they will stop selling those items...

So don't buy puppies from a mill but go all out on fake denim jeans.



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