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Horrible Fakes on ebay

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True Religion Jeans, Joey sz.26, NWT-100% Authentic - eBay (item 120329747214 end time Dec-06-08 03:51:59 PST)

I can't believe this seller is saying these are 100% authentic. Even I can tell they're fakes! Help me report him!
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I am always reporting fake diesels.. I feel bad for ppl who are bidding on them..
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i have tried to report some sellers, but Ebay does nothing if you report a counterfeit and if a seller is a PowerSeller ... but if you report a fraudulent listing (as claiming an item is authentic when it is fake is a fraud), then the listing gets cancelled... at least i have noticed this tendency in Ebay's behaviour
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I've noticed that ebay doesnt always take down reported listings..even when they are obvious fakes. what is up with that?
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Sometimes, ebay doesn't look at those anymore. It's our responsibility to do that I guess. What they may just do now is check with PayPal.
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I reported him. ebay should look over these sellers and bann them.
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how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one...
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Originally Posted by Mhsieh View Post
how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one...
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ebay staffs are not the denim head, i think.
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Jeans are one thing I never buy on ebay anyways. Too hard to know if they will fit your body correctly and usually non returnable. Not worth a lower price in the end. Ebay really does not do much to get rid of bad sellers. I has my money ripped off twice and never received my merchandise and never heard from the seller again. Ebay did nothing and the selller remained.

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There's an awful lot of stuff you should never get through ebay.  I have a friend who once showed me a lot under the category "weird stuff" that was purporting to be selling a mermaid corpse.  The writeup was even done as though this was a real mermaid corpse, although the thing looked like the top half a latex Independence Day alien stuck to the back half of a plastic barracuda.  And the company is more interested in getting their share from the auction than in making sure that you aren't cheated.  I don't buy anything through them anymore if I can help it.

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be precautious while looking for diesel jeans, its for sure your purchase would never get up wasted at any cost

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Do not you think that you always comment on older posts??

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guys, just be careful when purchasing online ebay and amazon have lots of fake item. if you want an authentic item have a research first before spending off your money to not a real one. :)

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