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Horrible Fakes on ebay

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True Religion Jeans, Joey sz.26, NWT-100% Authentic - eBay (item 120329747214 end time Dec-06-08 03:51:59 PST)

I can't believe this seller is saying these are 100% authentic. Even I can tell they're fakes! Help me report him!
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I am always reporting fake diesels.. I feel bad for ppl who are bidding on them..
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i have tried to report some sellers, but Ebay does nothing if you report a counterfeit and if a seller is a PowerSeller ... but if you report a fraudulent listing (as claiming an item is authentic when it is fake is a fraud), then the listing gets cancelled... at least i have noticed this tendency in Ebay's behaviour
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I've noticed that ebay doesnt always take down reported listings..even when they are obvious fakes. what is up with that?
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Sometimes, ebay doesn't look at those anymore. It's our responsibility to do that I guess. What they may just do now is check with PayPal.
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I reported him. ebay should look over these sellers and bann them.
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how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one...
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Originally Posted by Mhsieh View Post
how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one...
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ebay staffs are not the denim head, i think.
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Jeans are one thing I never buy on ebay anyways. Too hard to know if they will fit your body correctly and usually non returnable. Not worth a lower price in the end. Ebay really does not do much to get rid of bad sellers. I has my money ripped off twice and never received my merchandise and never heard from the seller again. Ebay did nothing and the selller remained.

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There's an awful lot of stuff you should never get through ebay.  I have a friend who once showed me a lot under the category "weird stuff" that was purporting to be selling a mermaid corpse.  The writeup was even done as though this was a real mermaid corpse, although the thing looked like the top half a latex Independence Day alien stuck to the back half of a plastic barracuda.  And the company is more interested in getting their share from the auction than in making sure that you aren't cheated.  I don't buy anything through them anymore if I can help it.

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be precautious while looking for diesel jeans, its for sure your purchase would never get up wasted at any cost

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Do not you think that you always comment on older posts??

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guys, just be careful when purchasing online ebay and amazon have lots of fake item. if you want an authentic item have a research first before spending off your money to not a real one. :)

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I don't really trust buying original items on ebay since what I can only see are pictures. Don't believe with high reviews because they can be altered in many ways. If you're looking for original items and want to make sure of it, then find a local branch of your favorite brand then buy from there.

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