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ok so i got an email from revolve with a 30% off coupon and it expires tonight. i have never owned a pair of dry denim and have been eyeing the academi jeans as a place to start. ive read that they are still good quality japanese denim for cheap. and really would like to get a pair but know nothing of the sizing. i wear 30 in zathan, 29 in zaf.

what size should i get?
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29 or 28. Don't go too small tho because the top button is a metal clasp which might break if you get them super tight
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You're God, you should already know this. And just trust your godly instincts to guide you to the proper size.

Post pics when/if you get 'em.
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academi jeans are terrible
u will hate the fit...i bought the indigo ones for $20.00 at urbanoutfitters early in the year

and i cant believe they sell em for 80.00

if u want raw from revolve...go nudie or kmv
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do not buy em
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Academi is fine but yes the fit is garbage for slim folks.
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Academi,,,? Why not try APC or Nudie? Now is sale, so why not try?
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