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Are these authentic Seven jeans?

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I just bought these from ebay before I knew that there were even fake 7's made.


From reading all of the postings and looking at the actual jean, they look great but I'm still not sure.

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They look real but the A pockets go to the tippy top of the pocket...this may indicate fakes, Im not real sure! Let me know any info you find!
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I'm sorry, but in my opinion these are actually not authentic Pink A Pockets. You can see that style- and cut-number (701372) are stitched instead of printed, which is an indicator for a fake pair.

Just take a look at my website, you'll find the exact same pair there!

Best regards, Bianca
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Yep, they are fake... ugh... I wish I knew that there were fakes out there before I purchased these. oh well. I'm trying to get a full refund from the seller so we'll see. Thanks everyone!
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It just makes you wonder... if sites like this didn't exist, we would all be buying fakes and be happy with it. Would it be better off just not knowing they were fakes?

What you don't know doesn't hurt you, so... if you bought a pair of fakes for say $30, and you would always think they were authentic. You would just think you got a killer deal, and never worry about getting fakes. I guess it's debatable whether or not it's better to be informed. I know I was a lot more at ease when I bought Diesels before I knew that fakes existed. Now I'm too weary to even buy from ebay!
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If fakes and authentics had the same quality. Then it would be a different story. But when your jeans don't fit right...or they start coming apart...or your handbag rips. Then you start to suspect something.
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This is true Dave, good point.
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The seller agreed to give me a full refund! She believes them to be authentic since that is what her distributor told her but I think she's just covering. I don't care as long as I get a refund. Fakes don't really bother me as long as I know ahead of time before purchasing. I just wish people were honest up front.

Thanks for all of your advice!
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Unfortunately, if you buy a $30 fake Sevens you can tell right away they are not the real deal. I was fooled once with the pink A pocket (my first SFAM purchase on Ebay). When I bought the pink A pocket I didn''t even know there were fake Seven Jeans. Good thing I bought my very first pair from Macy's, and as soon as I looked at the jeans I had feeling it was a fake and when i tried it on it felt cheap! And that's how I found this site. I love the way AUTHENTIC Sevens feel and fit.
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I agree

I agree, if there were no site like this, many of us would not know that we got fakes. I will be selling authentic jeans, but I paid quite money. I guess the sad thing is that only fake sellers are making money. I do not know if my items can be sold in the competition of those many fakes. But I still want to choose to live right. I was so mad to get fakes that I have no reason to upset other the same way. If you enter "seven of all mankinds manufacturer", there are a bunch of Chinese factories. Why their illegal activities are allowed like that!!
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I know how you feel Dach I am not a wholesale person and I had to relist TWICE two of my Seven Jeans. I need some extra cash for school so I was hoping to sell two of my jeans I haven't even worn. I paid $160 for the pink painted pocket and my starting price was $99 (that's the lowest I was willing to sell the jeans) and not one person bid. I was THIS close to selling my Havana but I'm scared to compete with the fake ones starting at $0.01.
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See? Heart, that is what I am talking about!!!! I want more people to visit this site to learn!!!!
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