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To hem or not to hem?

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So I got a killer deal on these adorable Dojo jeans and just got them in the mail. The inseam is a bit longer than I normally wear though. Can I get away with how they look or would an inch off look better? I haven't thrown them in the washer yet so they may or may not shrink a bit after too.

Keep in mind that I'm wearing heels in the pic.

P.S. How adorable is this back patch?!? Hehe, maybe I'm the only one who finds it cute!

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keep as is - see what they look like with rolling the cuff up once
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I think after a wash and dry they will be perfect. They look good!
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Those are gorgeous on you Minika!

I think they would be better 1/2-1 inch shorter. I think they should just hit the ground and from what I can see they are a tad longer than that so you will probably be stepping on them...
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They look beautiful on you!
And the back patch is adorable
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love them! hopefully the dryer will shrink the inseam a bit...
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I love them!! Keep as they are, they will shrink with drying.
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I'd say keep as is. looks great. <3
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Thanks to everyone for your comments! I threw them in the washer last night. I'll let you know how they turn out after drying.
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I'd hem them an inch...
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