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Are these Sevens genuine

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I've just found a US website who will ship Seven jeans to the UK but wonder if anyone can tell me if these are genuine...?



ps. Nice new pic Dave!
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Hallie, Can you tell us what the website is. Thanks
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Whoops - I thought I copied and pasted it!

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Hi Hallie,

It is hard to tell because they use stock photo's.

They do accept paypal & offer refunds if need be. So that's a bonus.

Their prices are quite reasonable.

Just my opinion.
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Fingers Crossed

I emailed them in the end and got a nice reply so I have taken the risk and ordered a pair. This is her response when I asked how they can sell them so reasonably:
We buy in bulk which is how we keep the price so competitive and we're not big - so what sets us apart is our price (and our return policy!).

I have the paper work for and can guarantee authenticity on the Blue A Pocket Sevens.

We have an absolute no hassles return policy so if you found you were not happy with your purchase for whatever reason I would issue a refund, no questions asked.

I will get them next week and let you know how they are.

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Sounds good. Best of luck.

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