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Lee X-Line Jeans at UO

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I bought a pair of Lee X-Line jeans at Urban Outfitters yesterday and would like to snag a second pair to bum around in. I bought them in the "Zed" style in a nice dry indigo blue (almost like nudies veggie indigo) color for only $20. Can anyone who lives by an Urban take a look see for me? I would like them in a 36x34, but I would take a 36x32 if that is all they have.

Thanks in advance,
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considering the forum you're on, i doubt you're going to find much help w/ lee jeans

but hey we have a 70 page thread about dior jeans (but who's counting, right?)
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yeah they are no Dior but the Lee X-Line retail for $140ish...they are like mid-level lee jeans
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