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Diesel Zathan wholesale

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I got an offer from a very good supplier. They always delieverd authentic merchandise with proof of invoice of the brand. (everytime I get a letter from a notary that the seller and showed the brand invoice).

Now they offer Diesel Zathan 772 for about 50 EUR / 60$

Anyone know, if this is possible? I think its quite cheap.
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Feye depends on the quantity could be,

I've had a couple of offers recently zathans/rumbums/kuratt 80 euros , i think that is quite expensive but I also had zathans (wash was not confirmed) at 55 USD + shipping but the quantity is 500, too much for me at the moment unfortunately and too short notice.

Any Q's pm me.

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The minimum is 20 pieces, good breakdown.

I`m not familiar with jeans.
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Zathan is the most popular model but I can offer you much cheaper the $55 also authentic. My price is $37 guaranteed authentic, its just left over inventory from my store. Minimum order is 50.
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Are you really selling zathans for $37?

This seems impossible.

Please explain yourself.
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Yes I am,left over stock........I'll take some pictures next week and email them just so you see microstitching,etc. I would do it now, but very time consuming I'll be back on Monday so I'll email it then.
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Left over stock?

Zathans are in high demand. What models do you have and what did you pay for them?

I have Zathans and I paid $79 for them. I have heard that you can get them for $60 but I have never heard of anybody selling them at a $23 loss.

Please explain.
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Authenticity has been banned for trying to sell fakes on this forum.

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yeah, authentic for 10$. Thanks for banning this fake seller dave.
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what a cock, hahahaha!
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