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Amazing SFAM Moderator

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A big thank you to the SFAM Moderator, Ruth.

I have pm'ed her for an authentic check and I can not believe the amount of trouble she took by helping me, emailing with suggestions and in general just being such a big help.

Thank you so much. Helga
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Aww, thank you Helga, you're too kind!

You know that you can PM (and e-mail) me anytime, I am more than happy to answer all your questions. That goes for everybody of course, that's where mods are for!
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I agree!!! Ruth is great, there isn't anything about SFAM that she doesn't know
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Agreed! Ruth is awesome.
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Originally Posted by virgoddess View Post
Agreed! Ruth is awesome.
I totally agree as well!
Thank you so much for authenticating several pairs for me!!
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