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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
how much more help do you need? don't buy one. they are fake/knockoffs, so basically against everything this community should stand for.
this community is about standing up against fakes, NOT knockoffs.

fake = claiming to be something that you're not
knockoff = a declared or undeclared imitation or variation of

i guess that pretty much nullifies your entire tirade now!
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
who does that with BoO? that is shameful as well imo.

and regardless of what you have them make, if you buy from black scissors you are supporting criminals in my book. i don't care if its cheaper, if you can't afford something real that you want find something you can afford or get a different jacket. what you are saying is along the lines of letting a child molester babysit your kids because they charge less that the other nanny and they claim that they stopped raping infants.
that's a false analogy. people buy knockoffs because they're willing to pay less for lesser quality, status, and/or reputation. what they're basically paying for is the design. i assume you support capitalism, but if you don't, then i guess MAYBE you have an argument that derivative product design is criminal.
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Originally Posted by Grondie View Post
^ Thanks Mikey. Looks like they're keeping a really low profile.

My BS201 came in last week. Great jacket.
No prob buddy. I purchaed one of their jackets as well. I recently got my BS206 XS. The fit was large, as expected by the odd measurments they lay out for the jacket, but I got it taken in at my very trustworth tailor for only $60 bucks. It looks great now... tight but I dig it. I can post pictures if anyone wants me to.
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^were their measurements exactly what they sent u?
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Honestly I didn't even check. The XS was said to be 52cm pit to pit, which was too large for me so I knew before the jacket arrived I was going to have to get it tailored. I tried it on and it was infact too big, but I never got around to taking measurements before taking it in.
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so, I've always LOVED this dior jacket hedi is wearing

obviously, the original one would be by far out of my budget (plus, very hard to find ATM)

so (I know it's a questionable choice) I'm considering this replica made by black scissors

BS123 Custom Leather Jacket sz M vintage FREE SHIPPING - eBay (item 380096505314 end time Sep-09-09 13:14:56 PDT)

This one shown in the auction is made of a sort of distressed and creased leather, so I asked the guys if it's possible to have a "clean" leather version
and they said yeah, no problem

so, I just like to know is someone has experience with Black scissors:

- is the fit and the general look AT LEAST COMPARABLE to the original ones?
- can anyone post fit pics? (better would be fit pics of this particular one, and pics of jackets made with plain leather...)
- overall, are you satisfied with the item you received?

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Evil both Grondie and ross have BS leather jackets. They should be able to provide you feedback.
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Hay evil sushi, I have one, got it a few months ago, and I've been happy about it

You cans sees it here: LOOKBOOK.nu: "I Am a Zombie Filled With Love" by Anthony Hong

The fit of mine is pretty good, the only thing that bothers me is the arms aren't slim enough for me - but then again I don't exactly have the biggest arms so I'm sure for most people this would be a non- issue. Leather quality wise- I've also been happy- so happy in fact I went and ordered another jacket- this one in grey, the rohood if you check out the store which should be here next week.
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^thanks mang

so probably I'm gonna cop this in the future
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wow this is one old topic. Well since its back I was wondering if anyone has ever chosen to get the gray leather for their jacket? the guy still has no examples of the gray leather looks like.
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Check two posts above yours. Anthony just purchased a grey jacket, so hopefully he will have some pics up soon (since it should probably be there by now based on his ETA from that post above).

I'm actually curious to see what it will look like as well, since I'm also wondering what their grey leather looks like.

Anthony... once you see this, get some pics up ASAP
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tl;dr of PM grey looks like ass- don't do it. Its more of a muted washed out light- light brown. I sent that jacket back to exchange for black
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sorry to hear that anthony, but thanks for the heads up.
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Interesting, I love the grey mine came in (same jacket as Anthony)
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Was yours grey, or what I was describing? He also sent me the wrong size -.-, so new ETA this week? Will def get pics when it gets here
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i got one custom made copying one model from their collection because i'm tall and slim + I kinda like their black washed leathers,and i hate the ripoff part

+i dont feel like wearing rick owens anymore

so it's like a good compromise,Paying 200euros only for that jacket was cool
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Ross can you post pics of the grey jacket?
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I have a black scissors knockoff of a Rick Owens high-collar. The quality is very surprising. I've worn both and for 1/10th of the price, it's a steal
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This a good thread. I will use it to post pics of my grey RO knock off when it arrives, which should be in a week or two. I am bumping so I don't forget.
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Well I would buy authentic if they weren't so big, no leather jacket i have tried or bought fits me nicely, so BS will have a new customer :D

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