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Happy Halloween - Page 2

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My mom sent me that ^^^ neither of us drink ????

Last year at this time we were evacuated from our house from the big ass fire, and hadn't seen our house in two weeks.

So this year we are just "being" in our house. If that is even doing something.
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i asked my dad for his gun, he wasnt into it.
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hahahaha that is fuckin' awesome Julz..chola!

This is what I'll be wearin' tonight :P

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lmao, i love the POW!
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Homework tonight Getting drunk tomorrow
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Ryan, size up one.

Christine, shame on you!

I'm handing out candy for the kiddies. My neighbor kids are the cutest EVER! I'm never home for Halloween, so this is fun for me.

Later I head to a cinema showing of "Night of the Living Dead".

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i was baron davis last night. complete with the ferocious beard
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Alright here are my pics from friday night.

I was doing the Hef thing, not gonna lie, I thought I looked pretty rad. And it was a smoking jacket, so I had to do it.

The back of the jacket.

Me trying to act all Hef like with the ladies.

*Bonus pics, because you had to sit through 3 pics of me, and no one wants to see me anyways, here's what you came for, pics of girls.

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If you didn't hate fuck #69 we can't be friends anymore.
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Our theme @ work was Nerds. No one even knew it was me!
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LOL That's great misspookie!
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Thanks, the jeans were brutal though, kept giving me wedgies!
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Originally Posted by Julz View Post


i asked my dad for his gun, he wasnt into it.
Ha!!! did you do those curly sideburn things against your face to look extra ghetto fresh
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we also just put up a post about celebrities in halloween costumes
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