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Help with Skull Skull 50-10xx sizing.

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Could someone please help me with Skull 50-10xx sizing. I'm a 28 in APC new standard. Based on the measurements on selfedge.com, I'd be a 29. Does that sound about right? Also, what are the opinions on these jeans?
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jeans fade slow...very slow

i like the fit but i read in thread that the actual threading used falls apart easy

if u buy em from selfedge the good thing is that u dont have to soak em since theyre sanfornized just try em...and return em if u dont like the fit to size up or down
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i take a 25 in apc and need a 28 in skulls if that helps. 26 was my diesel size.
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A 28? Do they not stretch at all? According o the measurements on their site, a 31 would be HUGE on me. were teh ones you bought not safronized?
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they are all sanforized. my 28 was even almost too tight, but it was the one wash so they had all the shrinkage taken out right away. they stretch, but they are dead true to the tagged size when new so my 28 was actually less than 14" measures with the waist aligned. a 31 would be about 15.5". then expect about an inch of stretching so they would end up at about 32".

this is assuming that the sizing hasn't changed since the pair that i had.
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How long ago was that? What'd you think of them? I'm also looking at bps's. I don't know why I can't remember who makes those...but any opinions on those?
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it was last year when i got a pair. i wasn't all that impressed to be honest but its mainly because i didn't like the fit. i like a looser waist and slim legs but the skulls are real tight up top and not as slim as 19cm in the leg. denim seemed ok though. i returned them almost immediately though so i didn't have a chance to wear them or anything.

don't even know what bp's are lol.
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i guess they're flatheads? bps? or something like that? what do you think of flathead?
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SE05BSP - Slim Tapered - $315.00 : Self Edge : Japanese Selvedge Denim

very popular now a days...i guess BSP stands for bitch-sex-pussy

corny..i know
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Im 26 in diesel and 28 in Skull as well, got mine less than 5 months ago. I have the grey ones, apparently they fit a size smaller than the blue. When I first got them, I had to struggle a bit to get them on, but theyve stretched out to perfection now
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