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Is Treasurehoard still on honest forum? Has current listings on ebay. Is authentic right?
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Never mind. I found him. I just wanted to verify it was the same seller. Thanks!!!
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Yeah he is
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Originally Posted by joncko View Post
This seller is a liar!!

Before bidding in his auction for a pair of Zathan 772's, I asked the seller if he could declare the package with a low value. I know he state in his listings he doesn't do this but I thought I can always ask. He emailed me saying "Yes".

After winning and paying for the auction he send me an email saying he won't declare with low value and that it is clearly stated in his listing.

I asked the seller why he had done this to me, saying he would declare with low value. The seller than emailed saying he never said that he would declare with low value and that I had to stop asking use to commit criminal activities. Man I hate this!

The jeans are now being hold by customs overhere in Holland and I have to pay approx. 65.00 USD when the mailman arrives at my doorbell.

Just wanted you international buyer to know!
Take care!
Blame your government, not him. He's probably one of the most consistently good sellers around and is highly respected on some of the denim forums.
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If someone is caught devaluing items they can be prosecuted by the law. No reputable seller is going to devalue anything for you sorry. It is just something you have to deal with living in another country. Also even with your fees you are still buying things less than retail or items you can no longer get in stores. That is why everyone loves ebay, cheaper stuff. Don't blame the buyer I highly doubt he agreed to do that then went against what he said in the first place and change his mind. Maybe you read the first email wrong? Anyways fight the fees with customs the seller can't do anything to help you. Sorry you have the fees but it's just how the mail system works.
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Just bought a pair xrotucks from him...I spec asked about the meassure of the lenght before...he told me 34 1/2.

They were 33 1/2 boring cause its to expensive to return them if you are international...
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