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Different ebay sites

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How do you find all the different foreign ebay sites?


are there anymore?
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Look at the bottom of the ebay.com homepage it has a list of other countries.
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aight thanks
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dont wanna bitch my country but forget ebay.ca for diesel jeans . you will see them on ebay.com anyway if they are listed from canada , and recently . theyre a whole bunch of fake from canada . i found at least 3 -4 seller that sell really bad fake .

http://cgi.ebay.ca/190-New-Terrific-...cmdZ ViewItem

http://cgi.ebay.ca/MENS-DIESEL-ZATHA...cmdZ ViewItem

anyway i wont listed them all . dieselxchange is authentic from montreal but look at the price . thats lower that we canadian pay on stores but still really expensive for you in u.s
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Just make sure that you read about authenticity checks on Diesel jeans and you will be able to buy from any of those websites without any problem.

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