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eye lash extensions?

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Anyone have them done?
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i don't have them done but i work in a salon that does them

they look amazing! ... it costs $250 to get there done initially and $150 for touch ups every about 3 weeks.
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I accidentally got them once. I went to a salon and requested an eyelash perm and when I lef they had done extensions instead. I didn't like them. They did make my lashes look longer, but they were really uncomfortable and itchy and as they fell out they got all bent in weird directions then eventually took my own lashes out with them. If you are going to keep going every couple of weeks for touchups it might be worth it, but if its for a one time only occasion i would recommend just regular false eyelashes.
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I find them to be a little uncomfortable to wear so I just get mascara that extends the length of the lash
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I had them done once. Very pretty, but a lot of upkeep and rather expensive for the time they last.

A little tip... apparently the makers of botox are going to be selling a mascara on the market soon that actually stimulates the growth of your lashes.

They predict it will be "bigger then botox".
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oh my. I'm sure that will cost a pretty penny.
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Don't recommend doing the lash extension. I have super long lashes, but they're just not as full as I like them to be so I started putting on the extensions myself (license cosmetologist). They're alot of maintenance especially when a piece falls out in the morning and you're running late for work. So after 4 months of it, I took them all off and it left my natural lashes short and weak. It took a loooooong time to finally grow back longer and strong. Don't recommend them at all.
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