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Cut #s on Seven Jeans

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hello everyone! i have been selling on ebay for a few years now (my ebay name is hannahrae11). recently i have been focusing more on seven jeans than anything else. i notice that a lot of ebayers ask for the cut number. as a girl who personally owns tons of seven jeans, i can vouche that the cut numbers all vary - and i'm talking about within the same style. you can take two identical new york dark jeans with stretch in the same size and see 2 different cut numbers (personally i just did a check 2 weeks ago at bloomingdales with the havanna style and looked at the cut numbers as i was buying a few for a customer of mine overseas). does anyone know what this cut number really means? i'm beginning to wonder if it refers to a number assigned at the factory on a given day to a given worker ... i'm just confused and would like to know if there is something i don't know so that i can educate myself and those that ask me. thank you! great web site!!! kind regards, marie
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i forgot to register before posting the above...if anyone wants to reply to me directly please feel free to use the PM below. thanks again!
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Hi hannahrae!

I already know you from eBay, you're selling great stuff. The cut number is a kind of production date. The higher the cut number, the newer are the jeans. Older Sevens have a cut number between 90,000 and 105,000 while the newest jeans have something around 704XXX. I don't know if they increase these numbers daily though.

But you're totally right - almost every two pairs have different cut numbers. This is why the cut number is a great indicator of a fake jeans. If a certain cut number is sold at eBay more than five times at the same time, these pairs are most probably fakes. For example: Just use the eBay search for cut numbers 701852, 701854 or 701662 - you'll find LOTS of fake Sevens.

For more info on fake cut numbers just visit my website! If you can't read German you can use a translation tool like Google or Altavista, or just click on the link Dave provided in the "Fake" section.

Best regards, Bianca
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no-fake-jeans translated into english: http://translate.google.com/translat...language_tools
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wow ! i love this site and you guys & gals for answering my question so quickly!!!!! that makes sense! i will be sure to check the links referenced above. Have a great day all! kind regards, marie
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