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what washes are these?

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Start with these first


Let me guess New York?

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1. HAV3
2. CAE
3. MNE

What about the style numbers for your other posts? The Gingers and (probably) Detroid bootcuts?
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Slow down....can you spell these out I'm not that hip when it comes to these washes and I'm listing these tonight. Are these popular and desirable? Forget those Gingers thanks god I got rid of them. I had them all summer and waited untill it got cooler only to sell them for $30 bucks. URGHHH!!! I guess it's one of those bad buys at least it was a wash for me , pardon the pun.
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HAV3 = Havana 3, CAE = Caribbean Extreme & MNE = Medium New York

Those washes are all popular imo and HAV3 is pretty rare The MNEs have been hemmed without originals though...
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