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Judy&jacob problems again ...

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First off all i paid them for 2 jeans on the 3rd of october , so a couple of times i asked them for the tracking number of these jeans even a week ago . Today i finally got a email back and this is the result :
1 : HI,

We are experiencing oversold problem. We will contact you with the
details after this.

Thank you for your patience,


2 : Dear Valued Customer,

First of all please apologizes for the shipping mistake 7 For All Mankind made. They shipped all our order to their other customer in East Cost, they shipped back to us and we just receive it today. We will ship you the order tomorrow and you should get it in 3-4 business days. Really really sorry about this inconvinices. I hope you can understand and still can help us to get 5 STAR DSR Rating that we have to have in order to sell on ebay.

Once again we thank you for your patient ...

I'm really get sick about their crappy customer service and now they ask me to understand and ask me to help on their 5 star DSR rating ??? What do they think i am ???

Does anybody else get this experience with them because it's allways something !
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that's shitty, i've heard about problems with them before (of various sorts).

at least it sounds like you're going to get what you pay for, i think that was the seller who apparently sometimes claims the items are unavailable when their auctions end really low and then just refunds the high bidder ...

but i say when you get your item you give them really shitty seller ratings. since you got what you paid for i'd still leave positive feedback, just with a cautionary note on it. or if you're really annoyed, leave neutral.
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Even if they are telling the truth they should have informed you about the problem when you paid and when you asked about your order tracking # a few times. That is poor customer service on so many levels. Definitely leave them very low stars, I can't believe they even mentioned the 5 star thing in the message to you that is almost comical. Just because they claim it was not their fault it is their responsibility to keep you informed and to be selling jeans they already have in stock not that are coming.

Only way I would leave them all 5 stars is if they had given me some kind of a partial refund for the inconvenience, bad communication and having to wait so long for the pairs. At least you are getting them unlike so many people lately where they tell them they cannot find them and then relist them to get a better price.

I have never bought from the seller before since I cannot afford their prices even at the discount they give but will never ever deal with them after reading all this stuff about their poor business practices.
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You have no reason to leave them a 5 star rating. They shouldn't be selling items they don't have in their possession. It's really not your problem. Some nerve - especially when they didn't offer you anything.
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A better thing now about j&j . i bought from them really 100+ jeans so they must know me . I did a best offer on a carribean seven from 95$ (buy now was 109$) , they did me back an offer from 107$ . I really get sick about this crap but the problem is i have allmost no other options buying from them . They always have the most choice and most SFAM on ebay NWT .

On topic : they just send the 2 pairs of jeans with tracking number . Hoping for the best they should arrive within 10 days . So after my payment this is a full month i had to wait ... and then their is still a change they send me the wrong one (happened also)
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