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Any Martial Artists here?

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Not sure if this is the right subforum but oh well.

Any martial artists here? If so, what do you/have you trained in?
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Took a small amount of training in Aikido, and some years of kickboxing and karate
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Nice. Which was your favorite? Was it Muay Thai or no?
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Originally Posted by mike on autopilot View Post
Nice. Which was your favorite? Was it Muay Thai or no?
yes Muay Thai

Each had its own merits

Aikido was great because you are tought to use everyday items to defend yourself ie Keychain, popcan, ect

Karate tought me discipline and respect, essentialy feeling bad if you ever stoop down low enough to use the skills you were tought for anything other then a life and death situation, or were someone would get seriously injured

Muay Thai had to be the most exciting, I LOVE sparring. And back when I weighed next to nothing, it made me feel good to beat guys who were much bigger and more highly ranked then myself. I was very light and fast with striking, so no one stood a chance. Now in real life they would have kicked my ass at the time, as we didnt have full contact, but a 3 point round system. Anything within an inch of a proper strike ( face, body shot, ect) and a point was awarded.

Are you looking at getting involved with a club?
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Thats cool. I've been looking to try different arts like Aikido. It seems like it would be handy.

What kind of karate did you train in? Shorin ryu? Did you do mostly just katas or were you actually allowed to do pad work? Most of the people I've talked to that have taken karate have only done katas...I mean yeah katas are good for muscle memory but I love to do pad work and actually make contact with something. I took a Tae Kwon Do class and it was just boring since all we did was katas.

Right now I'm training in an academy that teaches a variety of arts. I like grappling because it doesn't really rely on brute strength but body leverage, and I know what you mean about Muay Thai sparring. It is really fun. Last time we sparred we were told to only hit at about 15% but it was still fun to see how well the training was helping out.

Do you still train in anything?
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I have a second degree brown belt in Kempo Karate.
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Nice. Whats your favorite aspect of it?
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I used to do Karate for about a year and a half i got to my 5th belt (orange in the style i did) but i stopped it due to health issues, watch out Mike i can take ya lol!
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Originally Posted by mike on autopilot View Post
Nice. Whats your favorite aspect of it?
Well, in my dojo we add a lot of jiujitsu, which is very pracitcal (arm bars and that kind of thing). But my favorite thing to do is the forms. It's a little like choreography but with fighting.
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^wow, i'm impressed, melissa! so talented
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1st degree black belt in taekwondo, certified turbo kickboxing instructor (which you can take at 24 hour fitness and it's sooo fun!)
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