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Diesel Zathans - Before I pay for ebay purchase

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Hey guys. Wow! Great site. I just stumbled onto this site because I started researching 7 for All Mankind jeans for my girlfriend, but I kept coming across some legitimate sellers warning of fakes - fakes I didn't know how to spot until now.

My curisosity also lead me to read about Zathans, which coincidentally I just won on ebay (honestly, never even heard of these jeans; just seemed like a good deal). So, imagine my concern with having possibly been cheated after reading a little on your site.

I just won the auction over the weekend, and I haven't paid for the item just yet but I wanted to find out if you guys thought they were legit. They seem real but not enough pics were taken for me to determine.

Care to judge?

here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=3938451742

And if that won't show up in the post, here is the item number: 3938451742

let me know if i should go through with this.

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Yikes $50. I pay $79 wholesale for my diesels. I have never heard of authentic diesels being sold for less than $65 or so.

Best of luck to you
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Not too fast, trigger ;)

Dave, thanks too much for your quick response. Now, here are more details.

The guy heads these two sites (you never know, perhaps a new contact for you?):

www.finsdenim.com (under construction at the moment)

he somehow owns this or something, but he's directly linked to these two companies, if not the sole owner. I'm guessing the likelihood of them being real is relatively high...all things being relative haha. maybe you could check out those sites, read the company profiles, etc and tell me what kinda fuzzies (or flags) you get.

I'm writing him now inquiring about the jeans so hopefully it's just me being a very lucky paranoid haha...in some styling mofo jeans

tell me your thoughts
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I didn't see any Diesels on either of those sites.

If you can get authentic Zathans for $50...sign me up. I have never seen it happen however.

Best of luck to you.
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Thin diesels

well, my point of those sites was more to show that he's not just some wayward seller on the 'bay who works out of his garage. I've talked to the guy and he seems on the up-and-up (i mean, look at some of the other items he's selling). There is also the added reassurance he's in the fashion industry haha but then again that's what also worries me. So, hopefully he's not peddling 'soft' threads.

I just emailed him so I'll hit you in a few when he responds.

thanks again!
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Hi razorfish
I've got an authentic pair of zathan 772 (the same as what are supposed to be shown in the pictures). I had a good look at mine and compared them to the pictures. While 2 of those pictures on the auction are obviously not pictures of the actual jeans (rather looks like ones u would see on the diesel site), the one pic he does supply - http://i12.ebayimg.com/01/i/02/bb/cf/39_1.JPG looks very suspect. The wash doesnt look the same as on my jeans and the quality just doesnt look as good. I paid about $90-100 for mine and thats still cheap! $50 for zathan - i would be very surprised and weary.
I think they are fake from what I have seen... I would be careful mate..
I could try and take pictures of mine if you would like to see the difference.


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That last post was posted by me btw Dunno why it hadnt logged me in :P
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thanks for looking out for my guys. Hmm Well, I've apprised the seller of every aspect to this post, as well as asked him point-blank if they were legit, and so far? nothing.

I'll give him a day or so to post (i provided this thread so he's prolly up to speed) before I bow out of the transaction.

And kinetic, thanks for the offer but pics of your jeans aren't yet necessary. As for my curiosity after all this is over I can't say, so keep the camera locked and loaded

Well, once again guys thanks to the admins and the jeans patrol for keeping me from walking around actin a fool haha I'll keep everyone posted. I do feel the guy is legit; it's just the jeans I have reservations about.

Don't touch that dial....

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They're fake... IMO. The first picture is legit, but I'm pretty sure that's a stock picture. Otherwise, the fact that they are tagged 36, but would "better fit a 34" clearly indicated they are fake. Authentic Diesels don't usually have size discrepencies especially not making them smaller. Sellers will use the fact that the Zathan is supposed to be a tight-fitting style to justify for this discrepency, but 2 inches is too big a gap - I own several pairs of Diesel 30x30, and the sizes have been pretty consistent. While they may vary from style to style (the Zathans are tighter than my Lemmens), they would still fit the tagged size waist.
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good point benchang. I actually had that very thought and wondered why such a huge difference.

at any rate, here is the latest:

well, i'm not really sure what to make of the seller's latest response. half of me respects him for being forthright and conscientious about his good name; the other? reminded of a girl I once dated haha Jk.

So, here's his reply to my question about the Zathan's authenticity:

These are the real deal with tags and all. They are not fakes. However, I
really believe you should pass. It's fine with me because I have 100%
feedback and I do not want to ever jeopardize that. Even if you think there is a possibility of the jeans being fake, I am not interested in selling
them to you. So let's just pass on the deal.

I explained if they were real then we should proceed, otherwise, I wouldn't leave negative feedback for him (I mean, I'm partly to blame, right?) However, I would expect a refund since the jeans' authenticity had been misrepresented. So, I guess we'll never know.

I do know one thing though - this site should be called the "saver of asses" - and I don't mean the jeans kind

thanks for everyone's help and for taking the time to keep this site 100% authentic

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well, this race is still too close to call. When I replied to him explaining we should proceed he responded with this:

ok just send the funds and I will ship. Do your appraisals and if for
whatever reason you prove they are not legit (after a few days or so), send
them back and I will refund the purchase costs. If this does not work for
you, just pass and everything will be fine.

So, prolly legit? Who knows. For the time being, however, I have respectfully declined. If anyone would like these jeans I'll go through with the purchase so you can buy them from me for what I paid: $50 for the jeans, $10 for shipping. In his email he has explained that he will refund the money if it is later determined the jeans to be counterfeit. Or I could just purchase them, send them (or have them sent) directly to Dave, perhaps? to validate their authenticity. From there I could say yea or nay.

Any takers?
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No offense, but I think most of us are leaning towards "fake". You probably won't find too many takers... IMO

btw, the "rip" spot in the picture of the actual jeans looks very off to me. In my 772s, the rips didn't start off nearly that noticable (just looks like scratched denim). After a few washes, you may be able to see through it, but it doesn't look like that.
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Razorfish, its not worth it mate. Just let the jeans go and look out for them from a known authentic seller on ebay! I recommend dieselofmiami, good prices and authentic jeans

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...and they have spoken.

Thanks robin. Yeah, I went ahead and declined the offer. At this point there is just too much speculation and the bug of uncertainty has been planted. No harm, no foul though.

Dieselofmiami eh?

I will do just that.

thanks guys!
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Yea, I got my zathan 772s from him and he had quite a lot of pairs for sale recently so check it out
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