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? about selling on ebay!

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I sold a pasir of zathan 772 on ebay and offcourse i forgot to say that i would like to be paid within 48 hours after ended auction. How long do you guys think is a fair time to wait before you start asking him for payment. He only have made 3 buys on ebay and has 100% possetive on those ones. I have sended him an invoice with payment instruction but i havent heard anything. Is it often that people doesent pay?
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You should wait at least 3 days before sending him a reminder if you did not specify, and I think you have to give up to 7 days.
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If you did not list payment terms, a week is plenty long to wait unless he contacts you to arrange a payment time. Otherwise, report him.
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it takes 7 days from when you file non payment before you get your fees back from ebay and they could be a lot depending on how much you sold your jeans. i have waited up to a month before for payment. i waited 2 weeks recently. depends on you. i would say 3 days but by ebay rules it seems 7 days.
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Wait 7 days, if he doesn't pay send him a warning that you'll report him, then file a NPB report if he still doesn't respond. Hopefully he pays, if he doesn't it's really a shame that sellers can't leave negative feedback anymore.
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