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What is ioffer.com???

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Hi, I know it's a newbie question but I saw people post about this site.

So what kinda site is it??? It offers wholesale lots??? It's like another ebay??? and the main point is most people say ebay sells fake, about this site, I see most or all of the wholesale lots are offering fake (I'm talking about Seven and Diesel jeans in particular)...but seem like none of them is banned or being taken down

I'm new to ioffer, is it trustworthy or just base on your ebay knowledge and you can apply on ioffer as well?

Thanks alot for your inputs!
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noone wanna help me????
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IOffer is like ebay only the listing lasts a month. People can make offers and you can haggle over the price and Ioffer is a little cheaper. It is my opinion, and only my opinion that e-bay is a little safer. People have blatently advertised that they sell replicas on Ioffer. Maybe that isn't as bad as someone swearing it is authentic and it is a horrible fake, I don't know. You have to use your common sense anywhere you do business.
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Ask as many questions as you can think of & ask for more photo's if need be.
If the item is as they say they won't mind. If they either don't respond or don't have the particular photo that you are asking for. Don't risk your losing your money

Run away very quickly. Just be careful.

Some sellers are legit, others will rip you off as quick as look at you.
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I browsed through Ioffer.com and people do explicitly advertise their items as REPLICAS, and I've noticed that most sellers from Ebay get their lots from Ioffer and even use the photos from Ioffer.
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Some sellers are honest & do state their items are replicas.

Others, especially the one's selling jeans either do not know or do not care that they are selling fakes.

There is only one place on earth you can buy SFAM's for 35.00 as I saw 1 person selling.

When I go through the pages, I also have selzi's page open ( you can find it in the " How to spot fake seven's section) & compare the one's they are selling to the one's selzi has on her pages.
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