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Fake Sevens - Pink 'A' Pocket

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Just to re-itereate the warning about these in the "Seven" section.
I've just recieved a lovely pair of fakes courtesy of Ramsin111 on ebay. Again the giveaways were no crossed "o" on the barcode and the medium and large tags were the wrong way round. Otherwise they look incredibly good, I'm going to try and get my money back as the seller said there was a money back guarrantee but I don't really hold out much hope....
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Please don't take this as an offense, but you should have known that these were fakes before you bought them. The seller had included several pictures of the jeans, even close-up pics of the inner lables where you could see that style- and cut-number were stitched, not printed, and so on. These are actually pretty bad fakes. I bought a pair just like these way back in May when the first fakes came out. They're still lying here in my closet because the seller wouldn't return them. They were the reason why I set up my website.

I truly hope you can get your money back and will never buy fakes like these again.

Best regards, Bianca
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it is hard to tell on pic

Hi, I just got fake Seven from Garrett123456. The tag on the picture did not have made in China, but the actual item has. Amazingly the quality of this fake Dojo is good. I think that the copies are getting better and better. Anyhow, I am waiting for his reply to pay me back my money.
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Fingers Crossed

There were no pics of the labels just the jeans but I was silly because they were catalogue images..

However I did contact the vendor and requested that we could settle the issue outside the Ebay comments chart and he has agreed to pay me back including postage. Somehow he currently has a 100% satisfaction rate and obviously does not want to lose this. He did have the cheek to ask me to make an entry on the chart once I had my refund. Perhaps "Unfortunately fake but will give refunds"!

I'll know better next time.

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