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SFAM made for outlets

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So i have noticed sigs in outlets now a days are so small!!! I know SFAM makes jeans just for outlets but i feel they stick out so much now. My dad bought a pair of bootcut sigs and the sig is smaller then on a kids pocket, well big kids at least! I really am not into it at all. I was in bloomingdales the other week and all their sigs looked standard.

What's up with the tiny sigs?!?! its giving them..i dont want to say it... fake look!

PS sorry is this was already brought up..its just fresh on the mind!
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I'm not a fan of the straight-to-discount store ones either. It's not only the sigs but also the wash. I totally understand it when you say they remind you of fakes...

Here's an example Annie:

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The squiggle looks a bit low down
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i haven't been back to this forum in a long time, but i also noticed that there are new ones that don't even have sigs in the back (at nordstrom rack)... boo!
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Thanks for the pic. I don't particularly like them either.. How are the jeans in terms of quality and construction?
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I will try to get a pic of his up if the little guy didnt bring them to get hemmed yet. They are about the same size of those pink sigs, but they're mens!

It now brings them down to another level of quality and can now be distinguished if someone bought them from an outlet which i do not like one bit! I mean i guess something like that, only nuts like us on this forum would notice, but still!

Hopefully they don't make lower case "a" pockets!

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ok here is the pics. My dads outlet bootcut 33's and my sisters 27 bootcuts.

While taking the picture it annoyed me even more esp the quality and the fact they had the nerve to raise them $10 that i took them and are returning them for him this week.
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