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I think its Naples - not 100% sure though

Also why don't you ship worldwide? You'd get a lot more for your jeans if you did
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^ Naples (style# P330380S). Indianapolis looks more like latex...
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When I first saw these I thought they were horrible, but I actually quite like them now
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Thanks for the info I listed them as Indianapolis the first time around and should have consulted with the experts first. I do like the latex look I saw someone the other day with skin tight latex like pants and they looked really hot on her. I don't know if it would be as flattering on with a Ginger fit but who knows. I stop shipping international because of too many issues with deliveries so I'm sticking domestic.
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Dude! your from Elmont, that's my moms old hood. Well it wasn't the hood when she lived there.
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They are Indiannapolis

Indiannapolis = Black
Naples = Indigo

Both are coated
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DJ Unique coming in hot and heavy ...WELCOME!!!
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Can someone confirm this please because I was sure it was Naples now I'm even more confused.
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^ What is the style number? That's the only way to be 100% sure.
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