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Help finding my next Sevens

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Great forum, I was hoping someone can make a recommendation for me. I would like a boot cut, dark blue wash, "A" pocket, 98% cotton, 2% elastane, button fly. I'm having trouble trying to match these preferences with any particular jean on "Sevens" website (Their website isn't exactly search friendly, and their customer service never replied).
The pair I currently own is T521080U, Cut# 717165. I think they are a NYD Bootcut, with the signature squiggle, rather than an "A"-pocket. I bought these while shopping with a friend and they fit great, but I'd like an "A" pocket. Any recommendations? It doesn't have to be a perfect match, but something close.
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Maybe NYD or CAR A-pockets, Revolve is selling them:

7 For All Mankind A Pocket - Fall/Holiday 2008 Collection - Free Shipping!
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to HF by the way!
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Thanks for the suggestion and the welcome! I think I'll try the CAR's. Although, the model's butt looks a little jacked up in the close ups! Thanks again!
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