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holy shit pull those down before your dick decides it hates you and wont go up
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sag it a tad
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holy cow those look ridiculous.
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screen actors guild
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
holy cow those look ridiculous.
elaborate on that?
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for starters, you have them pulled up so high i can tell what side your cock is on...
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lol, just let it stretch a bit and it'll sag naturally
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I wish these were tighter in the thighs. Sizing down is probably not an option because a guy who owns this in a 33 says the post soak size is 31 inches in the waist. My waist is a 33 so i would not fit in that.

This is probably the only raw I will ever own. Diesels are king for me. I will use this as my beatup jeans that i can wear anytime even in nasty weather.
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you aren't built to pull off anything slimmer. you are actually really pushing it with the ones you have, but i think wearing them 2 inches lower might help.
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These are actualy pretty roomy. Even my safado is tighter than these. So my build is not good for slim cuts?

I don't think i have enough thigh bulk to look good in zathans. Lol i own 1 thanaz 8kw and i think those are too tight. Looks like stockings on me. I thought about wearing them to work but i thought i would just look like a fool.

I don't know if i should sell thanaz or not.

Anyway, this is how i look in safado


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sag. It'll look 1000x better. The waist will stretch, the thighs will stay consistent. I don't see why you need a slimmer cut, worn properly they will look fine. Btw raws take a week or two to conform to your body. They'll look more fitted the more you wear them, & lose the stiffness. Sounds like you're giving up on em too quickily
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Wear them without a belt and sit a lot for 1 or 2 days and they'll probably sit on your hips already
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yeah i will sag. I just don't like it when there is too much loose fabric around the thighs. That's the main reason i hate Zatiny on me. Fits worse than zathans. But these Flatheads seem really well made. But I think they should make the jeans smaller in the thighs, if they make a new model.
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lol, you guys are way too skinny, I find even the most relaxed Flat Head (F380) a little skinny for me.
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if thats what you really wanted you should have went w/ skull 5010xx
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whats the measurements on those BSP's

i got zathans to trade ya >:-]
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uh those safados looks so much better!
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its like 16.5 across the waist aligned. 10 inch rise, 37 inch inseam. 11.25 thighs. I wear zathan in 30x30.

Yeah my safado look slimmer.
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Originally Posted by mykim0 View Post
its like 16.5 across the waist aligned. 10 inch rise, 37 inch inseam. 11.25 thighs. I wear zathan in 30x30.

Yeah my safado look slimmer.

hmm they stretch out a lil bit right?

im perfect right at
waist 34"
thigh: 11.5"

whats the knee and hem now?

heres all the 30x30 zathans i have

Zathan 772 (hem is roughed up)
Zathan 82e
Zathan 82x
Zathan 832 (hem is roughed up)

i would trade for some BSP's

i have details pics of em (cause im gonna put them in the mall)
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These might be too tight for you then. It feels kind a tight on me when I sit. Also keep in mind that these are not really low rise jeans. More like mid rise so it will dig into your belly when you sit.

I would have considered your zathans but i don't fit in to the earlier zathan models. I had a zathan 772 and I could not even pull it all the way up. It was 30x30 but it fit smaller than the newer zathans. I can only manage with the new zathans. They definitely run bigger.
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if theyre 16.5 they will eventually stretched to atleast 17" which is my size and i dont like low rise anymore

but thats no biggy...i think u shouldnt just wear them as your beatup jeans...wear them as much as possible put some wear on em
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ok now my flatheads stretched badly and look like shit. So baggy in the butt and thighs. I just wasted $300. They were nice after post soak but after 2 days of wear, they look like military general pants.

the upper block is larger than all of my diesels combined
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u knew the jeans werent low rise right?

anyways just sell em on sufu, styleforum....you can get most of your money back

and since youre new to raw denim u shouldve taken my advice and got some sanfornized jeans that way u dont have to soak/shrink em and if they dont fit well u can return for a full refund (depending on the store)

but since u bought unsanfornized jeans i wouldve posted fit pics before u soaked em and asked kiya and them to tell u if theyre gonna be a good fit (cause they can tell)...so u couldve returned em
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I'm still confused as to when they were "nice."
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Post a pic so we can see
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