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Hi I am new to this web. I wanted to start my side business to sell something I like, which was happened to be jeans. Then I found that there are a bunch on fakes. Scarely. I have bought many things on eBay and sold my used items too. But now, I am unsure if everything I bought or sold was authentic.
I have found this site from some eBayer seller listing your web on jeans that I did not buy.
I am a newbie taking your lesson 101. I want to sell only things I want to wear since I have a daytime job. I do not have to scam people for money.
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Was there a question in that?
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Sorry, this was my first post. I just introduced myself. Ignore!!!!
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No it's not a problem as you can see I have not posted many, I just read it twice probably 3 times looking for the question
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haha actually this was my fault... i split dachshunds post into two different posts a while back.

rock on.

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Maybe you can help me now. I am struggling to figure out how to use escrow.com. I have registerd right now. If I have a buyer, how can a buyer access to the site? He or she just how to register then?
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