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Dojo vs. Paige Robertson's

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I am looking at two pairs of jeans right now. A pair of Dojo's (not sure the wash) and a pair of Robertson's in Dark Clean. They both have high-ish waists and wide legs. Which should I go for? Anyone have both and can compare?

The Paige's are starting $10 cheaper and have my perfect inseam but I have always wanted dojos (and it's only $10 and one inch longer).

I can't decide!!
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You are asking this in the Seven forum! Get the Dojos. If they don't fit I would think the re-sale value would be better
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I say $10 more is worth it to get something you've always wanted to try. The Paiges are kinda plain. And I agree, Dojos probably sell for a little more than Robertsons. Hopefully you know how to hem yourself so you don't have to shell out any more cash.
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Yeah, i think you're right. Any idea on wash?
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I only have one pair of each.. I don't know what wash my Robertsons are and Dusseldorf Dojos. Comparing these two, the dojos are a lot looser at the hems. They both are pretty fitted through the thigh but the dojos are kind of overwhelming on me whereas the Paiges are more like wider flares.
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I agree with adrianx. I think the Robertson is more fitted through the thighs then break to a wider hem whereas the Dojo starts wide-legged from my thighs through the leg.
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I got them for $57 shipped!

I'm going to try them and I'll resell if they don't work out. Thanks everyone!!
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