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challenge to Abercrombie-direct

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Yikes. I thought that these guys had authentic stuff. Many people are having problems though. Check it out:

I wish we had somebody who knew how to authenticate abercrombie. I have the domain name fakeAbercrombie.com all ready to go. Drop me a line or post if you know how to spot a fake AF.
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thank you so much for this post......I was trying to order from them last week, but couldn't get through. I had planned to try again this week....but now I certainly WON'T purchase from them!!!

-so thankful for this forum!
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I just spoke to Ed from Abercrombie-direct. He said that he did have one bad lot of fake shirts but his other stuff is legit. He presells and that causes the delays in shipment.

I tried to convince him to accept escrow.com or credit card but he said he has enough customers.

Caveat Emptor.
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