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Can anyone help me??

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Hi,i'm from Belgium and when i was out shopping yesterday i saw in a reliable boutique a real nice SFAM,so when i got home i was trying to find them on ebay but i forgot the stylenumber and i dont know how and if i can find them.They were straight,looks like black waxed jeans and have a crystal swirl.I hope someone knows what i'm looking for??Thanks.
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Is it these? They are a very dark blue straight leg that could look black.

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Hi,no it isn't,these i know because i have got these but they're more black and have a waxed look.I've never saw these on ebay,could it be they only sold these in Europe?
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What colour were the crystals?
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Swirl as in chain link? I hope not these fakes although they are not black:

These are Oxford Chain Dojo. Not a waxy black though.

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Hi,i think the crystals were gold.The swirl is like you see on a regular bootcut but then with crystals.
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The wash you're describing kinda sounds like Naples. It looks kinda like leather. I've seen Lucy (skinny ankle) and Ginger (high-waisted flare)

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These are the only black straight legs that come with gold-clear crystals as far as I know, but the denim is not waxed...

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What about the goldigger jeans (?), they have a gold squish
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Forget that - its the one's Malves posted. I always thought they looked black
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I'm with you. It has to be the Manchesters.
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Hi,yes the wash is very much like Naples(i'm almost sure) but they do have crystal swirl.But maybe they only sell these in Europe.Is this possible?Thanks.
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Hmmm, I've never seen Naples with any type of embellishments, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. hopefully Tweety can help.
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^ I really don't think there is anything in Naples wash that comes with crystals... sfam_lover, I suggest you go back to that store and write down the style# or take a pic
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