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Help me decide on a pair of raws

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I was looking all over on sufu at different brands and cuts, Ive been watching selfedge and big and looked at a lot of brands/cuts. Im looking for something slim-straight, hopefully ~8 inches from the knee down in about size 31 or 32. Any smaller than ~8 and they wont stay on top of my shoes, so its a must.

At first I looked at skulls, but passed cause I think they will be slimmer than I want, and I hate that the threading comes undone, ridiculous for the price.
Then I looked at flatheads, but the back pockets are a real turnoff, and the blank ones are in cuts that might be slimmer than I want.

Now I am down to two brands, but still open to more suggestions. Ive looked a lot at PBJ 007s, which have some sick fades and I love the dark stitching. I am also looking forward to the next self edge/sugarcane collab, which is supposed to be really nice denim, plain back pockets, and fits the same as the SEXSC02.

So opinions on the PBJ vs the Sugarcanes or other suggestons? Denim quality?
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I am female and have the PBJ 1069's (not sure how they compare to other PBJ's) but the denim quality is amazing, you see fades quick (at least in my case), and they are just an all around excellent quality of denim. I know nothing about Sugarcanes but I'm sure someone here does!

Good luck!
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If you want top-notch denim quality, and live somewhere where it's not too hot, also consider samurai S710xx. Samurai quality is about as good as it gets, and they are the slim-straight style you're looking for.
They are 19 oz though, so they will be HEAVY, and if you live somewhere hot you'll sweat your balls off. This would be my top recommendation for what you're looking for.

size chart


worn pics, buddy from another forum
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yeah that might be too hot for me, Im on ohio and our summers are usually mid/upper 80s or lower 90s for about 3 months. look nice though for sure. nothing lighter in the same or similar cut?
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I have no personal experience w/ sugercanes, but the denim has a very unique slubbiness to it. If that's what you are looking for go w/ the canes, otherwise, if you can't go w/ the sams I'd get the PBJ 005s.
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dior 21cm. pbj will be just as slim as the skulls and flatheads that you think are too slim.
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it probably helps to specify which skull/flathead cuts Im talking about. the skull 5010s (what I was referring to) are super slim in the thigh compared to other cuts Im looking at, but the 5507 probably would be good for me. and the flathead BSPs will have a leg opening of about 7.5 or less by the time they are washed in my size, so I know they arent what I want.

from what I have seen from sizing charts on SE and BIG, the PBJs and SCs both have enough room in the thighs and an ~8 inch leg opening at a size 31/32. I specifically asked in the PBJ thread on SUFU about measurements too because I saw some measurements in the market place on SUFU that conflicted with BIGs measurements, but the consensus was that BIGs measurements are definitely correct.
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I guess what I am really after is a safado type fit with a 34-36 inseam. I wont keep bumping this cause I know there are only so many suggestions out there, but if anyone has found a fit like safado in high quality japanese raw, pm me or drop a comment. thanks
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Originally Posted by dizzyD99 View Post
I guess what I am really after is a safado type fit with a 34-36 inseam.
what you just described is almost spot on dh 21cm mij, though the inseam is more like 37-38"...
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Ive owned 21cms, they fit looser below the knee than safados. like an extra .4 inches almost from the knee down. maybe worth considering though, I think I bought 1 size too big last time. and that would help below the knees.
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A lot of the sugarcane and Samurai cuts are actually based on the old levis.

In the past I've owned LVC 1947s which were pretty good.

I recently bought a pair of APC new standards (the cut that the Dior based their 19cm on). Really happy with these jeans.

They do, however, taper to 7.75. I would try them on anyway if you live near a place that sells them.

If you are looking for jeans that will rest over top of your shoes, there is also the possibility of the nudie regular ralfs, which have a slight boot cut. The downside is that crotch holes will develop with heavy wear after about a year.
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