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Ok, one more.

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I am so perplexed by this pair. The inseam is an unaltered 26.5". Too long to be crop, I basically looked like I was expecting a flood. I can not find the style either. Hmmmm!!
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looks real. Are you sure its unaltered?
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Well, I would say they would HAVE to have been altered, BUT if they were, they came directly from the manufacturer altered. Original stitching, dead-on straight. Maybe that's just the thing. Can you order them with an adjusted hem?

They are obviously brand-new, but would I be able to advertise them as so?
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Oooohhhhh, I found a couple pairs just like these and that is indeed the inseam. How very odd!!

Edit: actually, one is 26", one is 28"

Whatever, now I am more confused! lol
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My gf has them, she bought them about 5 years ago and they are actually a crop... shes 5'4" but can only wear them with sandals or small flat shoes. If she wears them with sneakers she just looks like steve urkle
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I think they are old style NYD Dojo crops

I have the same problem with crops, they always look like ankle swingers on me. I either have to have them hemmed or roll them up
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Thanks all for your help!
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