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Great deal, are they real?

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Hi everyone. I found a couple of pairs of 7FAM jeans at Goodwill and Salvation Army for very cheap. I checked the thread on authenticating and I think they are real but I wanted your expert opinions please =) Thank you!

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These are 100% real. You found them cheap probably because MNE is a common and classic wash.
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real and cute! enjoy them!
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how much did you buy them for?
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Congrats on your great find!!!
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Nice rhyme, wanna send me nudes some time?
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The A pocket pair I got for only $7.99 and the bootcut were $24.99. There are both in new condition. Thank you guys for your input!
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Great prices, love thrift store finds. Congrats!
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now that i think about it though 24.99 is really expensive for a thrift store
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Great finds !
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