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Size question

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I have A pockets in 28 , tight at first, but by the end of the night they are falling off. I want to get some dojos in new york dark but am not sure what size to get. Help! I had a baby a year ago and all of my jeans from before him no longer fit! I do have some Citizens Kellys in a 28 that fit.
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What kind of A-pockets do you have?
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NOt sure I have the style # u130055u-055u, cut # 718820, rn#115561, cn# 34460
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That style# is used for different washes. They could be NYD, CAR... Can you describe the A's or post a pic? In any case you will be needing a size 28 or 27. NYD dojos fit TTS but stretch a lot too...
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