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J-shape jeans (banana denim)

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Hi HF members. I just wonder that does anyone here own a pair of them? Now, i'm really interested in them. But i don't even know that who does j-shape jeans best (CCP, Attachment, Julius....) ? How they run?...etc....

the pairs that i'm really interested in KK Attachment J-shape jeans.

colour: indigo
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those are not j-shape. not even close. those are horse-rider style (or 0-leg) and will offer a totally different look.

notice that those have legs that curve slightly outward and then come back to end straight down more or less. j-shape will start straight down in the leg and curve so sharply near the knee that they cross legs and end upturned at the bottom when laid flat.
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horse-rider style? Do you have any pics of J-shape jeans James?
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ccp j-shape:

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oh thanks, do you know how they run? Have you ever tried them on James? i've just seen them in Calvin's pics and some Japanese Model.
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never tried them. love the way they look/stack in pics though. not sure they would work on a short person though since they cause a LOT of fabric to stack at the knee. might look pretty bulky/odd on a small person.
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i thought the inseam that is shorter than the inseam of dior jeans?
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they don't stack the way a regular straight jean does. all the stacking takes place at the knee, they don't settle at the ankle. if you are short they will look like you are wearing knee pads because there will be so much fabric bunched there. inseams on j-shapes are usually long as hell, they have to be to have the shape.
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Good to know about that. thanks James.
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i want to see worn pics of something like this
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I've seen worn pics of this..shit is sick. Even j-shaped sleeves. I'd definitely want to try it out but only $$$$$$$ labels make them
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You can get a pair of attachment Ryan. They're not really expensive though.
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Where can I get a pair besides "Sydney's" online? I would love to put my hands on some j shaped denim. Any info where to look for?

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I've never found Attachment j shaped anywhere other then here and other forums and attachment

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