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Fake or Not? Please Help

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Gday everyone
love the site Dave well done, and i think its great that everyone gives feedback

Im about to buy a pair of Seven For All Mankind Jeans off Ebay for around 90 dollars Australian

"Bootcut style. size 32x32. Gorgeous medium fade denim. Style number is T520162U-162U and the cut number is 701891."


The guy will return my money if they are not authentic and he sounds nice
what do you guys think - the only thing im not really sure about is that the tag isnt in the middle just above the 7 - does this indicate it a fake?
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I've just looked through my authentic Sevens (7 or 8 pairs) and they all had the tag in the middle right above the "7". I've never noticed this before, but this might actually indicate that these are fakes.

Best regards, Bianca
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I have several pairs of authentic SFAM in jeans, capris, & a skirt. I looked at all my tags and found one thing interesting. In all my items sized 29 the tags are over the 7. My 2 pairs sized 30 are in front of the 7 like in the picture. Hope this helps!
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