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Juan Royal  

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Do not do business with Juan Royal he sells knock offs and is being investigated.
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clark kent

Clark Kent is that you?
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heya superman

Galenabound is wrong about Juan selling fakes i have ordered from him before. He's quick to respond to email and very helpful. Galenabound is just trying to harm someone else because he is a competitor please be careful of people like galen. I will vouch for Juan anyday
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check this out

http://www.wholesale411.com/bbs/view...asc&sta rt=45

check out that link Galenabound=Clark Kent he was banned from the other forum read what artbroker has to say.
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What do you mean? I have purchased from Juan and all of his merchandise has been A+++. I am a powerseller on ebay with 100% feedback and he has NEVER let me down. His merchandise is authentic and is customer service is top performance. He is an excellent wholesaler and I couldn't ask for anything more and either can my customers. Thanks again Juan!

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I will echo what others are saying about Juan.

Juan is a very professional seller. All questions answered in a timely manner & tracking number provide within a day.

Items were 100% authentic.

I will certainly be buying from him again.
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Hello All!!

JuanRoyal Checking in....

Thanks guys...

Galena, this Bud's for you...

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I have no desire for this madness to continue on this forum.

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