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Originally Posted by Malencontreux View Post
The choice has always been simple for me even though I consider myself more socially liberally and economically conservative -- what issues are more important to me personally?

The social issues. That said, for the majority which party doesn't want me burning in hell for the sake of my sexuality? Democrats. Looks like I'll just have to vote for them. I'd rather pay taxes for well intended (but probably not well executed) social programs, and know be a few steps closer to equality than the Republicans and this last administration's fuck up and the bible belt's/born-again christian homophobic vitriol. Love thy neighbor my ass.

I've probably done more good than half of them, not doing it for the sake of doing it (and because you Pastor tells you to) but because you can, you have the time and the means and because you want to.
there is nothing well intended about extortion.

vote libertarian
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As long as you can keep the political-speak respectful, it's ok.

But as for Palin borrowing that speech... I find it amazing that people forget/overlook/do not know that Obama has "borrowed" some material in the past few months as well:

Big Head DC » Obama Caught Plagiarizing 2006 Speech?

And the fact that his running mate ran for President in 1988 but dropped out after allegations of plagiarism (and apparently did so throughout law school, causing him to fail a course):

Why Doesn't Plagiarism Matter? :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education's Source for News, Views and Jobs
Biden's 1988 Campaign Plagiarism Goes Well Beyond What Wiki Reveals | NewsBusters.org

I also don't think that her speech on Friday was supposed to be about where she stands on everything but an introduction of herself to the American people. I seesaw back and forth on where I stand about her being McCain's running mate, but either way she is someone that I definitely want to learn more about.
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[quote=lauriebell;1595580]Big Head DC » Obama Caught Plagiarizing 2006 Speech?

For the record, deval patrick and obama are personal friends, and I recall seeing patrick's response to this episode in which he essentially stated "Barack asked me if he could used bits of my speech because he liked them and I said 'of course you can.'"

Plagiarism is defined as unauthorized use of another's words. It cant be plagiarism if it's authorized...
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Regardless of whether he was given permission or not, he did not cite the source during the speech which is akin to plagiarism in academic circles (i.e. - "As Gov. Deval Patrick said,...."). That's like me writing a publishing an article and using facts and figures and information from other sources and then when asked who said I could use the information, I simply respond, My friend, Dr ABC, said I could use them...." That wouldn't fly in school or work, so why is it permissible for a Presidential candidate to do the same? Obama passed the speech/words off as his own and even Deval has said ok he [Obama] should have at least mentioned his [Deval's] name in the speech.

ETA: Plagiarism extends beyond authorized use versus unauthorized use. It deals with passing off someone else's work, thoughts, etc. as your own.

define:Plagiarism - Google Search
Plagiarism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plagiarism: Curricular Materials for History Instructors
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In fairness lauriebell, the metaphor you're using does not entirely apply. It's common knowledge that members of government have speech writers and therefor, making a speech someone else wrote without citing them isn't plagiarism like it would be in school (as long as the language belongs to the speech writer and the intended person is giving the speech). It's common practice. Making that comparison is like saying all actors are plagiarist because they didn't write all their lines. All politicians have speech writers.

Speech writers are eventually credited, but rarely are they credited during the actual speech. Obama was working with Deval Patrick on speeches and strategies. Devel supplied Obama with a part of a speech. The only difference between this instance and most speech writing is Devel used the speech before.
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^ +1, I was going to say something similar...

When citing statistics, politicians rarely cite sources. They may cite the organization that a study was from, but very rarely do they even bother to name the study's author(s), which would be proper in academia.

If a politician used another's words without permission, that would be inexcusable, but I think we've all come to accept that the words coming out of his/her mouth aren't exactly his/her own. I think we've come to expect a lot of recycled party-speak.

Also, I think Obama is and has been incredibly scrutinized, more so than the average presidential candidate. If someone were to scrutinize the speeches of any other politician as much as his have been, I'm sure one would find many similar instances.
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Bush plagiarized Jesus.
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