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Rename this subforum

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To dior....?
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then where would you post your Samz when you try to shrink them for the dozenth time?
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That's not fair. Then it would be like a men's only sub-forum. Boring!
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^ well there's a R&R subforum which is pretty much women only :P
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^BUT, R&R DOES make men's denim. So you guys still have the choice to crystalize or not to crystalize.
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if guys can wear R&R, girls can wear dior homme...

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^When you buy yourself some crystalized R&R, then I will buy me some men's dior homme.

I guess it kinda sounds like you get the short end of the stick, mihalis...
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the girl at DH nyc wears dior homme very well. sartorialist did a piece on her. and some other style mag. i think her name is sarah.
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I would not say the girl (Sarah) really has great sense of style. The biggest fuzz of the particular set of photos is her gender, not her style.

I've seen some girls in JP who can rock DH way better.
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technically the sizes under 44 in DH (40p, 42p) are womens/unisex.
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or wealthy, bastard little kids.
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sparkly crystal ass R > ass dragon

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