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Real Diesel Jeans in Polybags

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Hello guys, just to let you know I live in Canada and own 3 clothing stores here, 1 in Montreal and 2 in Toronto. I sell only high end designer clothing and wholesale it as well, but not so much jeans mostly other clothing. Anyways, to make this story short I just purchased 200 pairs of Diesel Jeans from head office in Montreal, this is real Diesel office and Jeans did come in poly bags. So if you get Diesels in polybags doesn't necessarily mean they are fake, if they are sold for wholesale directly from Diesel distribution then they will come in poly bags. To let you know about wholesale price, I bought 200 units 8 different styles and 10 washes and my price was $70USD/unit, just if you are wondering what is the wholesale cost.
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Great post.

I am very happy to have your expertise as part of this forum.

Question: Do the polybags look different from the one pictured in the www.FakeDiesel.com page? Can you describe them or possibly send a pic.

Thank you very much.
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Yes actually they look different. Ones that I got have Diesel written on them in same size leeters but its all black. All the other details look pretty much the same.
Oh yes another comment I'm referring to, is the one where someone said that they have purchased fake jeans that even "smelled" fake. Hmmm thats absolutely not true, reason jeans smell like that is because they are kept in poly bags and there is anti mould chemicals in there as well. Even authentic jeans kept in poly bags smell like that. That is the reason why retailers take jeans out of poly bags.
Poly bags are mainly used to protect jeans from getting damaged or stained, especially when buying wholesale amounts, they are not meant for retail use. In fact if you have merchandise with poly bags in them, take it out and perhaps spray nice light sent of perfume on it, to get rid of the smell it acquires while being in a poly bag.
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