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Hi guys, I've been debating buying the grey simple pumps in the mall, does anybody know how they run? In your experiences, are Louboutins comfy (especially with the fatter heel)? I don't want to be dropping almost $400 on one wear or something!

Anyone else have flat and wide feet that wear Louboutins?

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I'd go here to ask about sizing- the girls on the Loubie forum are great help and very friendly!

Christian Louboutin Sizing Guide - The Purse Forum

CL forum main:
Christian Louboutin Shoes - The Purse Forum

Some Loubs are comfy some not so much - it depends on the shoe not so much the heel (some are cut very narrow in the toe box and can squish your toes a bit- the Very Prive peep toes do this to me and I don't have wide feet) but in general wider heels are more comfortable- not sure about Simples as I don't own any - hope you find out the info you need! You can't go wrong with CLs!
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I love my Louboutin Espadrelles but I also have narrow feet. I have found with most designer shoes, especially Louboutin's that they run narrow.
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I would love to own a pair of Louboutins but my feet are so wide!
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My feet are wide too I have found that I haven't had too many problems with my wide feet and most designer shoes (I work in retail) but I did try to stick my foot into a pair of patent Gucci's the other day and it wouldn't go...

Poo I wished Louboutins weren't so expensive!
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another wide feet fellow here.. would love to own a pair of CL's one day too
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I have wide feet, but I also wear CLs. I just size up 1/2 size from the recommended sizing and it works for me
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The comfort of Louboutins really depends on the style. I have pretty wide feet, but find that the Clichy and the Declic are really comfortable!
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I have sorta wide feet also but the simples and new simples are the most comfy for me. A lot of patent shoes need to be broken in to fully be comfy though.
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