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Inquiry into Nudies

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i bought a pair of nudies and they weren't the ones that you have to wear for 6 months b4 washing (dry denim) in just wondering if they still age and fade as gracefully as the ones that are dry denim
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If they're just regular washed jeans they won't fade "as gracefully" as the raw ones.
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return/resell them, get yourself a dry and/or selvage pair.
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unless they are raw they are just like any other faded jean, as in the won't produce any fades that they don't already have.
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I'm with Lorax. If you're goin for nudies, grab yourself a dry pair.
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Save your pre-washed nudies so you can make patches out of them when the crotch blows on your soon-to-be-obtained dry nudies.
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Well i got a pair of Japanese dry selvage nudie jeans its really stiff but with age it should work out nicely
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