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Deciding between Zatiny and others

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It's been long time already since I made a decision to buy a pair of Diesels.
But its only now that Its financially feasible.

I decided to spend more $ in order to obtain a pair with a great fit and nice wash.
I might be wrong but I got the idea that: Zathan's Zatiny and Viker seem to be the most popular models here.

So basically, I'm trying to figure out what model should I obtain.
I realize that the best option would be to go to deparment stores like Nordstrom's or Bloomingdales and try em out. But the deal is that I live in Canada and we don't have department stores that carry designer jeans aka Diesel. So my only option is going to smaller scale boutiques and it makes me kind of uncomfortable trying out a few pairs of $300 jeans...
So in any event' I've tried out the Zatiny model in 8LD wash and besides the fact that they got button opening vs. zipper, I must admit that I loved them and the wash and fit are super.

My goal is to buy my denim online at revolve or jjdenim.

So can u guys recommend any other Diesel models or washes which are similar to the Zatiny? Also, is Zatiny a good choice?

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^ I would venture to say that Zathan used to be more liked around this forum from what I've gathered. The current trend around the fashion forward world and HF is skinny fitting jeans like Safado, Thanaz, and Trouleg (which is trumpet boot but fits like a skinny).

Not being a fan of those I lean towards Zathan and Zatiny personally, but the questions you pose are going to get you mixed results. It all boils down to your body type as far as which cut suits you best. I would with either post some pics with current jeans or state your height and weight to get better guidance.
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Zatiny fits awesome, I'd especially reccommend the 8IW wash.
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My size is 33x32

As mentioned earlier, I did try out the Zatiny in 8LD wash which I found fantastic.
Yesterday, I went to a Diesel store to try out the Zathan. I don't remember the wash number but it was Flare style. The Zathan seemed to run way longer than the Zatinys to the point that they were touching the floor whcih shouldn't occur imo as it was my original sizing. The salesgirl said that it can be shortened after purchase and that Zathan is their most popular model
But despite the popularity aspect, right now I'm more sure that I will go with the Zatinys while they fit better.
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Most Zathans brush the floor from the back hem. Its a rule.
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It depends upon what you're looking for. Zathan, Zatiny, and Viker all have a similar fit above the knee. There are tighter fits and looser fits than those. Try on some and get an idea of what you like and what fits you. And if you're not sure, take a pic on a camera phone from the dressing room and post it here for advice. Lots of people have done that. (not meaning to sound like a perv or anything)

If you've tried on the Zatiny and like them, I suspect you'd like the Viker as well. Some washes run longer than others, too.

I get my Diesels from a mix of places. I often order online, but I'll spend $ at a boutique and whenever I'm at a Diesel store, I usually sink some major cash, too.
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If you are lucky, you can have have your Zathan note brushing the floor as they don't get out the factory all with the same lenghts.
First I thought what they do on JJdenim of measuring all pairs what weird but in fact it can be very useful.

I have a zathan that brushes the floor and an other pair that doesn't...it's JUST the right lenght, like 5mm more and it would have brushed the floor.

But as TicoDiesel says...most of them will brush...
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I never have owned zatiny,are they looser in the knee than zathans? I cant try them on,I am looking at them on ebay.Thanks in advance!

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