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Never met any celebs... Had front row at a Ja Rule/Ashanti concert... that as the closest I've been to famous people.

Soo I've always wondered this, To all you people who live in California... do you see tons of celebrities all of the time? Esp people who live in LA? It seems like 50% of all celebrities reside in California or at least 1 of their 20 homes is located in California lol
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Originally Posted by astralstorm19
oh... if we get to say what famous people we lived near / met..
U2's bono at harvard square, he was promoting some radio station and was handing out pens & shaking people's hands

russell peters came to my college for a 3 hour solo set

cynthia nixon spoke at my hs graduation

met woody harrelson at a one-on-one meet and greet after a broad performance

and.. that is all :}
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My 15 minutes:

I'm secretly God.


But then I found out I wasn't.
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My 15 mins was freaking hilarious.

I went to a school featured on MTV, I was not there for the filming, but I was at the premiere. The spanish news station was there, and my friend wasn't brave enough to be oncamera by herself. So my 15 mins consisted of being her girlfriend who spoke "muy pequeno espanol"
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Never had any real 15 mins of fame, but ran into:

Cuba Gooding, Jr. at Au Bar in Van, BC...hehe he danced with my girlfriends and I on the dancefloor!

Have run into both Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell here in my neighborhood...most recent was Eddie Vedder on Halloween...he pointed at my son in his stroller during a neighborhood trick-or-treat and said "Hey a turtle hehe" but I was such an idiot I didnt even realize it was him til after we walked away!
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I so wish i had Mrs. B 's lineup....

Anyway in 7th grade did a commercial with TB Bucs Lee Roy Selmon( I still have the ancient script with his autograph-haha

I have met John Goodman, Evander Holyfield, Drew Barrymore, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg,Trent Reznor( he is awsome) Marilyn Manson, Juvenile, Master P, 504 Boyz, TRU, Harry Conick jr., And The Wayans Family, yeah all of them ( super funny, and super nice people.)

My goal is still to meet Oprah

Now the horrible ......THANK GOD this was by marriage...and they are ALL divorced now.
My Aunts mother was Faye Resnick" dragon lady" she was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson...yes that old story O.J Simpson....yadayada
And she wrote a book on how they were sluts to make money.
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I just got back from the American Idol season finale taping, so tonight I've been in an arm's distance from David Hasselhoff, Lisa Rinna, Christina Applegate, Ray Romano, Camryn Manheim, and the love of my life James van der Beek (swoon).

Last week I was at the Amazing Race season finale party (don't know if anyone watches it but it's my favorite reality show)...here's my picture with bad boy Jonathan from last season. Ignore my goofy face.


As for my *own* 15 minutes of fame, I was on an episode of "Shop Til You Drop" with my co-worker. We lost out on a trip to London.
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WHOAAAAAAAA you got to go to the Amazing Race Finale???? That is my favorite show. Invite me next time! You're so lucky. I'm going to be on the Amazing Race when I turn 21 if they are still running it (I am determined to be on it!) How did you get to go to the party?

And you've been on Shop 'Til You Drop?? Haha how fun. I used to watch that with my grandma when I was little.
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Originally Posted by orphanjones
How did you get to go to the party?
It was through a posting on Chip & Kim's Myspace profile (winners of a past season), who was friends with a lady who organized the event at the Block at Orange in the OC. It was open to the public, but a very limited number of tickets could be purchased. It was so cool because there were like 100 people there, which made it easy to go up and snap pics or chat with different contestants from the past seasons. Everyone was so laid back and cool. Michael from season one even bought me a shot of Jager! You can go here to be updated on future events: http://www.mldevents.com/TAR9Finale/Tar9FinalePics/
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Whoa, awesome! I wish I had known, I totally would have gone.
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Best I can do is having served Dan Akroyd, the local celebrity, as the cinema I work at. He is in reasonably often. He doesn't so much these days, but back in the 80's he was pretty huge, Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, etc.

Oh, and the guys from the Tragically Hip are in to catch a movie now and then too.

Oh, for the hockey people, Kirk Muller was in 2 nights ago, my NHL fanatic buddy that sold him his ticket freaked out, that guy is practically his hero

Hopefully I can get tix to the Late Show for when I go to NYC next month, and get a good story
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Not nearly as good as everyone else's but my dh and I were invited to the White House Correspondence Dinner and Jon Cryer was at my table (Pretty in Pink, most recently Two and A Half Men), also the Williams sisters, Elle MacPherson, Drew Barrymore. The year before was better. Diane Sayer and Ben Affleck were at our table and I got to meet LL Cool J as well (holy hot!), George Clooney and a couple others that I must have forgotten. Oh, Clay Aiken
It was a great night, both times. That's it.
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Originally Posted by mgoose
Originally Posted by idalis
I fully accept that this probably makes me a dork.... but I think Mark Paul Gosselaar, with dark hair and glasses (esp. think like in the movie Dead Man on Campus) is practically the sexiest guy alive
That movie is totally underated, I went into not expecting much, and I laughe my ass off. Good cast also, alot of guys from other movies/tv shows I like.
i did like that movie but wanted more 'cliff' moments!
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heh, well, it's kinda immature, a bit emarassing, and completely not me anymore, but here goes:

When I was a senior in high school, I borrowed a friend of mine's disposable camera, took it into the bathroom, and took a picture of *the captain*. (yea, I was one of THOSE guys) Turns out she was using that camera to take pictures for her presentation in our physics class, and had the entire roll made into overhead transparencies. To get me back, she actually put the racy picture on the projector when the teacher got a phone call. That fame lasted quite a bit longer than 15 minutes. (o)(^.^)(o)

To be fair, the picture was a bit deceptive, as I did kinda "prime it up" before taking the picture... =P
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Ok, ok, my turn
No fame here but some stories none the less ...

1) My friend and I got invited to hang with the Rolling Stones at their VIP Party at the Docks. They are NASTY old men with huge coke problems !
2) Carlos Delgado tried to pick me up at that same club. I had no idea who he was until I put the Jays game on the next day
3) Saw Charles Barkley at the Phoenix - he is a scum bag with NO class.
4) I was an extra twice. Once in a movie about Guy LaFleur and another time on some horrible Canadian show that never lasted. My uncle works for CBC so he hooked me up .... great paying work though !!!
5) When I was 14, I worked at these random snack bars along the beach and served Vanilla Ice (BOOOOOOOOO !!), Tye Domi and Doug Gilmour.
6) Watched Dennis Rodman film some sports thing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. He had two disgustingly young girls in the back of his hummer - I'll leave that one alone ...
7) My brothers current girlfriend dated Jason Arnott (Dallas Stars) back in the day. He is HOT !!!
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Re: Tell us about your 15 minutes of fame!

Originally Posted by astralstorm19
As Dave suggested, here's the thread for showing off our 15 minutes of fame!

I was on the Montel Williams Show in November of 1999. That's mine...
I was an extra in X-Files about 10 years ago!
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i was on peoples court, goes sued over $700, and lost. but at least the tv station paid for the fee and even gave us $50 for being on TV
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i was an extra in the movie akelah and the bee. im in the last part, where they are at the spelling bee. let me know if you saw that movie

also in the season finale of the swan, probably the only asian people in the whole thingy...everyone else was old and white
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I was on the news talking about my school's transition program for kids starting high school. Yay for lame local news networks!
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I had a picture taken with Pres. George W. Bush for a Presidential recognition. In the picture on the White House web page, I'm the one closest to him.

Also on a promotional/informational video, they used some snippets of my interview to promote their program.
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